Thursday, November 20, 2008

{Gratitude Week} Bird From a Wire

Day 4 - Gratitude week is in full swing! I hope you are all having as much fun with this as I am. Reading all the comments is so awesome. Thanks so much to all of you who have shared and will share. I just love hearing the stories! Which is what I am grateful for today. When I started this blog I was nervous. I didn't really know what to say, what topics to write about, how I wanted to represent Single Stone but now I love blogging. It's fun. I get great feedback and meet really cool people. I get to do creative things with the blog that I would not otherwise have an outlet for. So thank you all for coming to read! I really love that you do.

Today's guest is Jen, owner of Bird From a Wire. I actually own one of Jen's pieces and LOVE it! A while back I bought one of her flower key chains - it's so dang cute and you wouldn't believe all the comments I get from when I'm out - even the girl at Target saw my keys on the counter while I was paying and had to check it out!

Here's what Jen has to say about being grateful...

We say thank you all the time. A casual thanks for this or that; it’s become the automatic response for any gesture small or large we experience. A few years ago my son was asked “What’s the magic word?” He responded triumphantly with the answer, “HocusPocus!” Often, as my son was learning, saying thank you is simply the correct response.

What am I really grateful for? Immediately I thought of the people in my life. This last year has been an adventure and I thank God constantly for all the wonderful people I’ve met during it. I love the Etsy community in particular and the friends I’ve found in total strangers. Because of my son, I’ve met other moms and found support for all the challenges of motherhood in their companionship. I’m also grateful for the girlfriends who keep me from becoming “all mom- all the time.” Finally, I’m grateful for my family. Without them I would not be able to experience the extreme joys and challenges of being a mom, wife, or daughter. The love I feel toward them is immense but the love I receive is just as huge and is such a gift. My husband has been amazingly supportive of the crazy assortment of commitments, goals, and dreams that have brought me to this place.

I am also grateful for this place that I am at in life. I love being a mom but really wanted to pursue my artistic interests. That led to playing around with some wire and fabric, which led to submitting some work to a magazine, which bolstered my self esteem enough to actually to make my work public through my Etsy site. I love the people I have met and to be honest, I love being able to sell my work, but just getting to know other Etsyians has been by far the greatest benefit I’ve received from this endeavor. Buyer or seller, they have all been exceptionally nice and encouraging.
Last year I was introduced to the practice of “blessing stones”. At Thanksgiving each member of my family wrote one thing they were really thankful for on a stone and placed it around a candle in the center of the table. To hold one of these stones was to make tactile the blessing and then to heap them all onto the plate emphasized visually the sheer number of them. It’s become a good opportunity to sit down and identify what we are most grateful for - right now. I am writing “others” on mine this year.

My thanks and gratitude to you all- Jen

Today, Jen as offered a set of ornaments for her give away item! They will so cool on your tree!

Enter To Win:
Just leave a reply to this post telling us about something you are grateful for. All comments throughout the week will be gathered and put into a pot Saturday morning when I will draw the winners for each prize. I will announce them on the blog and let the giver of the prize get in touch with the winner!


Becky said...

I am thankful for my Savior, my husband, my son, my daughter-in-law, and my grandson. They are the core of my life. I live for them. I am thankful for being able to walk, to see, to hear, and to think. The simple things in life that we take for granted every day. Not everyone has them, and I am very grateful that I do.
May God bless you over the Holiday season.

Linda said...

We have been so blessed this year! God is truly so good! We have a precious family and though my son and daughter-in-law have moved out of state we've been able to spend some real "Quality" time with them. Having my entire family together in Montana for a week this summer was great.
My job is challenging this year but with God's help I'm learning every day and going to school every morning and seeing the happy, excited faces of my first graders is a blessing.
We just spent five days taking care of our grandson while his parents were away and it was awesome! What a blessing he is to us. His parents couldn't give us a better gift and we love them all
Finally, thank you God for my entire extended family, for still having my mom with us, and for my church!

Terry said...

I am first and always most thankful for my family. My wife, my son, his wife, and my grandson. I feel truly blessed to have their love.

But there are many other blessings I'm also thankful for that I rarely think about as a blessing and too often just take for granted. Things like my job where I have the friendship of so many people; the ability to go for long walks; to see so I can read great books and watch great movies; to hear so I can listen to great music; to feel so I can touch and hug those that I love. When I stop and think about all that God has blessed me with, I realize these are all things that make life worth living and I should never take them for granted.

May God bless you as He has me and may you have a wonderful Holiday season.

Wait! I almost forgot about another blessing I'm thankful for and too often take for granted.... my puppy.

MFGlaeser said...

I'm grateful for my family, my friends, and my health. While I am type I diabetic and insulin dependent, I am thankful my condition is treatable. My friends and family provide me great support!

Nina said...

I'm very grateful for my family - for my partner, our son, our gentle-souled dog (!), and our supportive family and friends. Life is truly good, when you look over the everyday bumps :)
Being healthy is so precious. We have some people in our circle who are struggling with cancer and the side effects of aids, and still they are just enjoying life, anyway they can. Brave, inspiring, fantastic people!
AND I'm grateful for the possibility to read these beautiful messages! Thank you all.