Wednesday, November 26, 2008

The Countdown is on!

Is everyone ready for TURKEY?! I am headed over to my moms in a few hours to make all the desserts and anything else we can make ahead. We do this every year and it's so fun. It's all the women - my mom, me, my daughter, my sister in law and her daughter! I'm looking forward to it.

We have been crazy with holiday orders! Thank you to everyone! It's so awesome. We are pretty well caught up now and have everything to the post office!

In my "spare time", more like between emails and proofs, I have been painting Mackenzie's room! I finished that project last night. And this morning I started refinishing the kitchen cabinets!! (this is going to be cool!) I took some before/in progress photos this morning. I'm really psyched about the big changes we're making in there and on a budget! I have some fun ideas to share soon. I ordered new hardware that I am still waiting the shipment on and I want to finish one small section and take pics so I can show you the whole process. I have oak cabinets - not a choice I would make - so I am taking them from oak to a deep mahogany and changing all the hardware (knobs, pulls and hinges) for about $110. I LOVE projects like that! Small investment - BIG CHANGES! You just can't be afraid of a little hard work :)

I need to get a few things wrapped up so I can get to my moms this afternoon.

Enjoy your day everyone!

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