Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The Wedding...Finally!

So I have attempted this post several times but the photos have given me issues. First I went to get them from the camera and Billy had already put them on his computer and erased them. Then I looked at them and thought I should photoshop them a bit - who has time for that, really? Then I would go to post and he would be on his computer and didn't have time to give me the photos - so now he's is sleeping and I am stealing the pics :)

It was a lovely wedding! Elizabeth, my niece, was beautiful! The whole event had that perfect love of a lifetime spirit. She and Daniel are in this forever. Here are a few pics of the day. I didn't get a lot as I was too busy talking and keeping up with everyone. When 30 of your closest family all take the same trip and crash in the same hotel - things get a little crazy! LOL But seriously, it was such a great weekend!! We're all so happy for the newlyweds! Truly happy!
Mr & Mrs Hadaway!

The Cake

More fun pics of the day

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