Monday, October 13, 2008

Good Morning Blogland!

Another custom job I did - this is for a coffee house in Miami, FL that will serve dessert made by a local famous pastry chef. I have done a few logos since opening this business. Not something I ever intended on doing. I think logos are difficult - this one just came together but the client had a pretty clear idea of what she wanted. That always helps!

I love the colors in this - Black, Ochre and Red. It looked great cut - it's was very large and going on a big focal wall in the shop. I'm guessing they will be ready to open any day now! Best of luck to them!

Enjoy your day - I'm off to a meeting this morning at our church. Looks like I get to have some fun designing decals for the children's area!! Super Psyched! Will share the art when I have it.


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Sweet decal (pun intended!)

Any chance you have some free time and want to meet up at Ikea this weekend?

PS- My sister might get in touch w/ you. Her and he husband are going through a tough time and I told her of y'alls story and that she might consider trying something like it herself(She is in Ocala Florida and does creative memories, organizing services and such. Her husband is a handyman.)
So be on the lookout!

Hope your days is going wonderful. I miss ya!