Thursday, September 25, 2008

Very Fun Announcement!!

For the last couple of months Billy and I have been working on opening a new store with Flexa!! They have incredible children's furniture! This is so exciting for us. We did a bunch of signage for their newly opened store in Las Vegas, but what was really fun was creating 2 new decal sets for them!!

First is our Brick Wall - all rough and uneven like real brick. Check out that Castle bed! So fun! Flexa is all about children being creative (as the are naturally) and living in a creative space everyday! Love that concept :)
Then we did this AWESOME (if I say so myself) Race Track with Cars decal set!! This is actually designed by Billy - he rocked the race cars! It all comes in pieces so you can totally customize your racetrack! Check it out in our Etsy shop. Flexa used 2 decals sets for an extra long track!

Here are a few more photos of their store - the signage is from us! You can see us in their next store opening in Miami, FL mid-December!

All photos courtesy of Flexa. Because Children Grow.

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roxtarchic said...

LOVE the race car tracks for the wall... once our lil guys bigger, we'll be back for that, no doubt.