Friday, September 12, 2008

Good Morning!

It's Friday - which makes it sound like things will slow down but we all know the weekends are spent running and catching up from the things that did not happen during the week. At least mine are! Sports, extra housework, family events. This weekend I will be spending a little extra time in the studio catching up. Seems like since the kids went back to school you're all shopping! LOL I'm not holding it against you :)
I am out the door in a few to run some errands. I had a new coffee table delivered yesterday so I am hoping to find some time to put my feet up on it over the weekend and break it in ;) Snuggled up next to Billy (husband, production guy at Single Stone, all around nice guy - pretty cute too! hehehe) Ok better get myself moving - I'm stalling on the errands...

Have a great weekend everyone!

Here is another funny cat photo from icanhascheezburger. I'm telling you this site cracks me up!

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