Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Digging out...

Hey everyone - I am still drowning in email and custom requests from the weekend. If you are still waiting please feel free to send me a *friendly* reminder to let me know you are still interested. :)

I hate to post without a leaving a little eye candy for you but have nothing new to share I thought I'd pull out an image from my Creative File. I LOVE this file and add to it often.

These lamps are made by Dez Ryan - they are amazing! I would love to offer lamps like this in my store someday - only my own creations. I'd also like to keep the price a bit more affordable. These are quite pricey but they are fantastic! I love the colors, and patterns and shapes and GLASS! I love glass art! You can check out more of her creations in the lighting section at DezRyanStudio.com. If any of you were Trading Spaces fans you may remember her from the show. She wasn't on a lot but I certainly remember her appearances. She was a fave for me and she always made a really cool funky lamp! It was like leaving her signature in the room. She also had a lamp that was part of the set of Friends. Anyway, check these out - I just love them - hope you do too!


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