Monday, September 29, 2008

A customer photo...

I need a little time to pull the photos together from the weekend so for now I'll share one I received from a customer last night! I LOVE THIS!! She wanted a more casual font for her family monogram so we worked up a custom order. I LOVE the white and chocolate! Love it. I now need a chocolate wall in my house. I am doing all fallish colors anyway - rust, olive, a cinnamon reddish color so chocolate will fit right in ;)



{kristie d. photography} said...

wooohooo I made the blog AGAIN!!!! I loooove it!!!!! LOL.. But most of all I love my vinyls!!!!

Single Stone Studios said...

Hey Kristie girl! Keep sending me pics and you'll keep making the blog! You have such a great eye for color - I'm jealous!