Monday, August 18, 2008

How COOL is this nursery?!

This is not your typical pastel pink or blue baby nursery - no, this nursery has a style all it's own! And I LOVE it!

It awaits for a baby boy who will be adopted by these parents. You can read their story here. I believe adoption is one of the most pure forms of love. I wish this family lots of happy memories and love in their home. I am honored they would choose art from my shop to put in such a sacred space. God bless them!

In the first photo they chose our branch with birds - they did a white branch with beige and aqua birds. LOVE IT! And look at that crib! So dang cool!

In this next photo in the top right corner you can see one of the little birdies peeking out from the edge of the door! So cute!

Give your kids an extra hug today and realize just how blessed you are to have them!

Enjoy your day!

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