Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Hey, Out There in Blog Land!

So I am in the middle of moving. Lots of stuff at the new house - lots left at this one. The big moving day is Saturday. Lots to do between now and then! Doing a little painting at the new house tonight - Eddie Bower's Apple Green in the master bedroom. I'll be putting our new Cherry Blossom with Birds decal above the headboard. CAN'T WAIT!! Gotta wait a couple of weeks for the paint to cure though. (think I can be that patient? not sure!)

Speaking of this new decal - You MUST see what my customer and the artist of the piece did with hers! She's amazing and has graciously given me the art to use for decals! HOW AWESOME!!

So here is what she did with this fantastic piece! The first 2 photos shows the application process. I'm so glad she sent photos like this! It's great to see the process.
She ordered 2 f the branches one facing left, one right. You can always ask me to send the mirror image of a design if my default orientation doesn't work for your space.
I really love this! She did such a great job with the design, the application and the COLORS!
Enjoy your day everyone!

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These look fantastic! I want to get one of these for our nursery (in the works), as soon as I can decide on a color scheme for the crib bedding. Awesome.