Saturday, August 2, 2008

Happy HOT August!

It is definitely August in Ohio. We are wearing the weather - it's HOT and it's MUGGY! YUCK! But August has come with great things already. Billy and I closed on a new house yesterday!! YAY! We have been working out of a small studio in our current house and the new one has a FULL basement! WOW! Imagine all the working space!

We are thrilled and overwhelmed. Some how we have to get all our stuff from this house to the other one. Hmmm....any volunteers? haha. Didn't think so.

The house is currently empty which means we are moving right away. My daughter started packing her room this morning. She is so excited to go to the new school with her friends from that town. I am so happy she is happy. She will be starting Jr High - that's CRAZY!

My son is happy too as he also has friends in this town. He's really just an easy goin' guy though. He would walk in and make friends in a second if he knew someone or not. Gotta love that - I was EXTREMELY shy when I was a kid. Not so much now. LOL

As I do projects in the house I'll be posting them. Billy and I will be updating quite a bit. Once we started house hunting we looked around at all our "stuff" and realized we've been married 13 yrs and most of our stuff is that old too. LOL So lots of projects in my future!! YAY! I love projects!

I'm off to get to work! Have a great weekend everyone!

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