Tuesday, August 12, 2008

For My Entertainment!

Ok, so I love our new Cherry Blossom Branch decal and am DYING to put it in our room. But I just painted and I still need bedding (proof in photo below LOL) etc etc . . . So this morning I was playing around and decided to take a photo of the freshly painted bedroom and superimpose the decal image over the bed. What do you think? I plan to do chocolate brown bedding with white accents. I need curtains too - we just put the blinds up. All the windows in this house were completely nakey when we moved in. But anyway - this is for my entertainment - hope you don't mind. :) I love it by the way and am now even more impatient!! I think I'll have to apply one in the laundry room - I'm thinking my Tall Simple Flowers will go in there. I can do that one NOW since I don't plan to paint in there! :)

I'm out of the studio this afternoon for a lunch meeting and then school shopping. I will be back to return this afternoons emails this evening.

Enjoy your day everyone!



LaundryBasketCase said...

That looks great! I just love the colour you painted your room. It's quite a daring green, but very stylish. I thought I should let you know that I've posted your chandelier design on my blog. x

Miche said...

I love that color green! What is the exact color? It is so hard to find the perfect color and that one is it for me.