Thursday, August 21, 2008

Blogging from the dealership...

Well, I have the lovely task this morning of bringing my truck into the dealership for a few little tweeks before the warranty runs out. Thank GOODNESS for wi-fi hot spots!

Yesterday was the FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL! Not that I was counting down or anything. :) It was Mackenzie's first day of Jr High. Yikes! How do I have a kid that old? I am NOT that old! I am NOT! :) Cole is in 4th grade this year. This is also the first year I have not driven them to school myself - they are riding the bus. The move put us in a new school district and I am fine with they way they do the bus routes so for the first time I am not driving them to and from school. For a couple of years I was making 4 trips to the school each day because they had different schedules. Never bothered me but right now - kinda lovin' the bus!

On to Single Stone stuff...

I don't have any customer photos to share today - SEND THEM IN! ;) But I can share a custom piece I worked up for a friend of my sister-in-law. She just had a baby girl and has a really cute underwater theme going in the nursery. She wanted to add her daughter's name and she has some portholes in the room so we combined the 2 ideas and came up with this. The light blue is the wall color. I think it turned out cute. Can't wait to see pics!
Have a great day everyone - I'm off to go through email.

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