Friday, July 25, 2008

Wow, I'm posting before the day is over!

So, what should I post about? I'm pretty sure you are all tired of hearing how busy I am. :) I'll refrain from that topic!

Let's move to .... Ok this is not even decal related but I got a great phone call this morning. You know how when you start something and YOU think it's a fantastic idea and totally jump in and go for it but then are SHOCKED when other people also think it's a good idea and everything just starts happening in a good way?! Well this is quickly becoming our Single Stone story.

It is amazing the way thing are coming together - how the right people are strategically put in our path and how they want to help us move towards this goal we have set. Billy and I have never fully disclosed the goals and the vision we have for this company - we just tell people our small immediate projects and we always seem to be talking to the right person at the right time. (God has a way of doing that!) Anyway - we are at a crossroads here at Single Stone - we know the direction we want to take (moving forward, please!) but knowing what steps to take to get to the next step (does that even make sense?!) is proving to be a journey. Imagine that?! LOL

We need a larger facility, we need someone to help us with production and we need a website (and it's needs to be cool! - cool is a requirement;)). These are the 3 immediate goals to accomplish to get to the next step.

So today I get a phone call (this is all leading to a point) and it's my friend Coco - I featured her super cool coat rack idea here - she is so energetic and full of ideas and resources! So we are talking about some things yadda-yadda-girlie-chit-chat and we move onto some business stuff - and she has all these great solutions for the previously mentioned immediate goals! How cool is that?! We are talking and upgrade in design software! Oh MY GOSH! That gets me a little giddy I must say! She knows people with commercial space that is empty - can you say - divine possibilities?! The website - we have a friend of Billy's brother we have been talking to and Coco knows people for that too (and does some of it herself!) Seriously - people who program - very smart - I am CLUELESS when it comes to anything like that. Numbers and things that must be exact - not so much my stong points. Pretty colors, fun design, drawing in my new upgraded program - very much my thing! :)

So I am very encouraged today! I think we should all call someone we know and be encouraging to them today! I know I will be working on a special project for 2 little boys that I hope are as excited about their decals and I am. I LOVE doing kids rooms! They have no limits to creativity and color!

Ok 'nuff rambling - just wanted to share some excitement and encouragement! Don't' forget to spread a little encouragement to people you run into today! You never know what it may mean to someone. :)

Have an awesome day everyone!

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