Tuesday, July 15, 2008


So, I haven't given anything away in a while! I think that's what I'll do today! Leave me a message telling me what you like about Single Stone wall decals and you will get your choice of the 3 decals listed below!! And as always you may choose your color and we will custom cut and mail it to you 1st class. :)

(ETA: Winner will be chosen randomly)

Have a great day everyone!

For a larger view of the decals just follow the links:
Modern Abstract Trees
Funky Birdie
Swirly Tree with Heart Birdie


Kim said...

Well so far I am loving all the designs and super service. You guys have a unique edge to designing. Keep it up!

From Tiki with Love said...

I love your decals because they have a modern twist on old school wallpaper, such as intricate scrolling designs!

lovejustice said...

I absolutely love the decals! My favorite part is the combination of really unique design with bold colors. Or maybe it's the ability to customize ANY space! or the amazing intricacy of the designs! Or the range of colors! :D

Kelly said...

I don't have any of your decals - but I've been looking at all the designs you have available and I have to say that your designs are so fresh and unique! GREAT LOOKIN' STUFF!!

emily said...

I LOVE that I can add such an amazing design element to my room without the hassle of painting or stenciling. The options are endless!