Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Etsy VS eBay

Right now Etsy is receiving a little more of my time. I need to get the inventory built up which means my newest designs are going up! I have had a single large Baroque for a long time and now I have taken that design and made a decal kit! I love the kits! Here is what I did with this kit - I chose lime, green and black.

Another cool graphic kit in my Etsy shop is called funky circles - so fun! This could be my favorite of all of them (for now :)) Colors - Orange, Yellow, Cream And you definitely do not have to have modern furniture and a super modern home to add a little modern flair! Sometimes a little goes a long way.

And finally - my version of a popular kitchen design - I think this is kind of funny and pretty much the motto at my house! I am not one of those "The Kitchen is Always Open" kind of moms! LOL

Hope you like the new designs - there are quite a few more new ones in the shop to check out and I plan to add a few more today!

Have a great afternoon -


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Jennifer Juniper said...

Those decals are great, especially the last one! I finally made the break from ebay and went full time etsy in April and haven't looked back!