Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Lots Happening at the Studio!

Ok I know I have been telling you all month that I have lots of things going on and I still do! I thought I would have more done by the end of the month but I am still working on these projects but I can tell you what I am working on now!

I am writing a catalog! (cover to the right) It's almost done but getting it printed is proving to be a bit challenging so I am still working on some solutions for that! I am very excited about it though - each design comes in standards sizes (approximately 3 sizes per design) and there are LOTS of new designs that are not currently in the store. I am working on that too! I promise I will be updating the store all week with new images and posting some links here.

I have added forest and olive greens to the color palette!! YAY! I love the olive - so nice! Any other colors you would like to see on our palette?

Also - I am designing a WEBSITE - we will be moving our eBay store to http://www.singlestonestudios.com/. SO COOL!!! So dang psyched about this! Lots of work still to do so I'll keep you updated as it develops!

And this announcement is still in the research and development stage so don't be too anxious for these products BUT I am working on screenprinting abilities so we can put our images on t-shirts, hats, canvas bags and textile wall hangings! Like I said this is still in the VERY early stages so we'll have to see how the process goes with this. So cool though - I love to screen print!! If you've never tried it you should - the ink the colors and the way the image appears through the screen - LOVE IT! It's a blast!
I still have more things to share this week. I met a FABULOUS person over the weeked and will share some photos and more about that in a day or so! She did a very cool project with her custom decals and she was local so I got to help her with them! More on that later...
Have a great day everyone!

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