Friday, June 27, 2008

I have COOL customers!

So earlier this week I told you I met this fabulous new person who happens to be a local customer of mine! She placed a custom order with me and I went to her place to install them. I am thinking I'll be in an out and 30 mins and I won't interrupt her day - I was there for 3 HOURS! She was so fun and FUNNY and had the sweetest little dog - he runs the show, really. All 4 pounds of him. :) I wish I had a photo but my husband took the photos so I only have the decals we installed. Such a man. haha!

Anyway, Coco if you are reading this - it was really great meeting you. We will have to keep in touch!

Now onto her REALLY COOL use of the decals....

This all started with an email from a woman who knew exactly what she wanted - she sent the art and completely explained her whole plan. (she has been remodeling her place) First off, in the living room, she wanted the chandelier in chocolate on a tan wall - it's centered between 2 sets of white shelving units and over a chocolate couch - all this chocolate tan and white will be popped with orange-y red and teal when she is all done. (I told you she was cool!)

Now for the really fun part - she ordered a coat rack! This is a very non-descript coat rack but it SCREAMS every-coat-rack-you-ever-saw-as-a-kid. It's like the perfect coat rack! I must admit when I shipped this decal I told my husband - I am SO GLAD I am not installing THAT decal. ROFL I should learn to keep my big mouth shut because that's exactly what I had to do! :) It's such a long linear piece it was challenging to hang but I think we did ok.

As you can see from the photos she hung small hooks and will hang light weight bags sweaters, leash for her little dog etc. SUCH a cool idea! I just love using art in a functional way! So fun!

So that was the highlight of my weekend - told a week later - such a busy week. I think that is just how life is going to be for a while. :) 2kids, a husband, a dog, a home business and a WHOLE LOTTA FUN!

Have a great day everyone!


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Anonymous said...

Wow! I feel like my walls are celebrities!!!

It was super cool meeting you and the family - tell the kids that Bleu misses them!

THANK YOU for saving me from hanging "The Leaning Coat Rack of Cincinnati."

In case anyone out there is uncertain - SingleStoneStudios ROCKS!

Check you email tonight for some updated photos and cool information...