Friday, May 2, 2008

New Release Images...

Here are 5 new listings I will have in my store by tomorrow!

The first image is a Room Kit - this is several decals that you can use to decorate an entire room! The sheet will come to you as one piece - 24" wide x 40" long - you get to cut them apart to place them as you wish!! I am so excited about these - will be cutting one for myself soon!

The 2nd image is another Room Kit - It's called Italian Kitchen.

3rd image was derived from my borders line. The borders are 36" wide and can be strung end to end to do an entire wall or room. I made them in 36" lengths because it was the most versatile and kept the piece small enough to easily apply. The basket balls will be offered as a border - I also have baseballs in a border. Trying to get more boy images!

4th image - some fun girly words! Giggle and Smile!

The last image is more word art. This came from a magnet I have hanging on my fridge. I like this quote.

Have a great night everyone! Congrats again to Christa!!

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