Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Mid-week Ramble

So, now that Single Stone is my only "job" (doesn't fee like work at all) I seem to be getting up, grabbing a cup of cappuccino and sitting down to blog. It might be because the house is still quiet. Billy (my husband and cute production guy - I'm sure some of you have emailed with him) and the kids are still snoozing. The kids are homeschooled right now - actually not as bad as I anticipated it to be - because our school levy did not pass last summer and things got really bad for the district. We did regain part of the levy funds in a late fall election but we were already in full swing so I didn't send them back at that time. But as great as the curriculum is on the program we chose (it's all online) I don't think we will continue this next year. There really is a social lacking - the kids can't brainstorm together, there is no team building, friend making etc. But on the plus side my kids have learned time management, self-motivation and their favorite thing - no cafeteria food! LOL We do keep them on a schedule - they have to be dressed, fed and teeth brushed etc and signed on by 9 am. We take lunch at noon and they get a morning, afternoon break. They have missed "regular" school a lot but have had surprisingly good attitudes about trying this little homeschool experiment. They are really good little people. (3rd and 6th grade for those of you wondering)
Now that I've rambled on (and on) let's see something cute today... This is a new design that I test cut for the first time last night. I have a few minor alterations to make but you will see it listed in the store very soon!
Have a greay day!

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