Friday, May 30, 2008

Design Your Style...

Starting a new company gives you so many opportunities to do so many fun things! And I am having a BLAST creating Single Stone!! Everyday.

Here's a little inside information...

Our company name comes from one of my favorite stories - David and Goliath. I totally believe in being bold with your life choices and living by faith! This has also led me to create what is quickly becoming a tag line for my company...Design Your Style. It fits me on so many levels.

The word design in this phrase is a verb - it shows action, creativity and purpose. You are making something what YOU want it to be. Anyone who knows me, knows I don't look at things as they are - I always look at them for what they can be. Everything and EVERYONE has potential - always! And so, Design Your Style was born.

It has obvious relation to our company and what we do. I have always LOVED decorating and making a house a home. Color, texture, handmade items that tell a story, pieces that have been handed down and graphics. I love bold graphics! I love them on fabric, in art and now - I get to create them. Everyday I design. Everyday I cut a design and I love seeing each one come to life. I never know what color someone will choose and as you know - color is key. It can totally change the vibe of a piece! No matter how many times I cut the same design - I still love it and always wonder what it will become in the hands of my customer. What is it's potential?

Lately, I have been cutting several pieces for myself in preparation for an event I am co-hosting. Hope to be sharing those with you soon. Like I said yesterday, SO much going on and I need to complete a lot of things before sharing, but again, I'm REALLY excited!

So this is a little about how we began and our life/business philosophy. I believe Single Stone has great potential and I can't wait to share our successes with all of you as we grow!

Have a great day~

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