Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Custom Work

It's getting quite frequent that I receive requests for custom work. Not custom names where I type it into a pre-made design, do a couple of technical things and in 5 mins I'm cutting - but truly custom pieces. Pieces that require a couple of hours of time rummaging through my art files looking for just the right elements to put together to make my customers idea come to life. I'll be honest, these projects get me a little nervous but at the same time I feel like they also let me be most creative.

Here is an example of a piece I worked on today - This gal sent me an email and said she wanted these 5 words and she wanted it to be fun - here are the results.

Now - Let's have a little COLOR! I think color makes all the difference even though it's a little hard to see on this post - couldn't get the picture larger. I used lt. brown for the body of the pieces with accents of burgundy, brown, ochre and grey (for the little fork under food).

I have lots more ideas for kits like this - you'll start seeing these pop up in the store!

Have a great day~

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