Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Busy day...

I've been a little slow getting to the blog the last couple of days. Monday's are a big production day for filling the orders from the weekend and this morning I had to run my daughter to the orthodontist for an unexpected appointment.

So, I'm keeping it simple today with another tease of images coming to the store. I'll be spending a big portion of my day getting up new listings.

The first 2 were ordered by a customer who has been decorating his home theater and, after buying everything I offer in this line, he asked for a couple of custom pieces. I love his ideas and have decided to post them in the store. We have quite a selection of movie related decals. Check them out here. Or just do a search for the word "movie" in the store and they will all come up.

I'm adding more monograms and family names - Soon I will be making a new category in the store for Monograms & Names so they will be all collected in one spot. These have been a big hit. I personally love them and want to have a style for everyone! I want one for my house I just can't decide on which design yet. I think I'll apply it to a tile and put it on an easel on the table next to the front door. But deciding on a design....that's tough.

Then just some more fun images. Birds, ballerinas, a few more baby images, word art... a little of everything.

Have a great day everyone!


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