Friday, May 9, 2008

Altered Mirror Frame

As promised, I have a project to share with you today. I have had this old mirror that is supposed to go over a dresser (comes as a set kind of thing) and it's so old. 40-50 yrs maybe? And one day while cleaning it got knocked over and the mirror SHATTERED - everywhere! But I just couldn't bear to get rid of the frame - it has been in the family for so long - I love the detail and I LOVE to take items and give them new life! It sat around for a month or so while I was deciding on what to do with it. Finally, one day out of the clear blue, I thought - CORK BOARD! I pulled out my paints (you KNOW it's a good project when you can paint!) bought a roll of thin cork and went to work!

This is the frame before - at this point the old finish had been sanded off. See the detail at the bottom - I just love that!

Next I painted it black and sanded that finish. Sanding off some of the paint really helps show off all that detail. You can see the cork in the middle - I just unrolled it, cut to size and used wood glue to adhere. I placed heavy books over the entire surface to hold it flat and to help keep out the air bubbles. Then, stacked heavy canned goods on the books to ensure a tight adhesion. I use very sophisticated tools! LOL If you get an air bubble you can make a tiny cut with an x-acto knife letting the air escape and then re-glue that small section. Works like a charm!

For the final touches I added small hooks on the side to hang keys, a pen etc. But it was still missing something. I really wanted some kind of decoration at the top but nothing I tried worked for me. I kept using it, for nearly a year. Then, I started Single Stone and one morning, while playing around with my cutter, I had the brilliant (yes, brilliant ;) ) idea to cut a piece and apply it to my frame. I chose the word "family" because we keep all of our ball schedules, appointments etc on it. So, here it is with the vinyl lettering applied to the top - I used our Light Brown color. I love the way it turned out. Very simple but makes an impact in the room - My kind of project!

Have a great day everyone!

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