Sunday, April 27, 2008

Color Tips

If there is one thing I have had questions about since opening Single Stone, it is COLOR! So many of you have agonized over your choices - and I completely get it! Color can change the entire look of an image. As an example I chose my Baroque image. On first glance, I think, most people see this as a very traditional piece - until you change the color! You can see in the examples color plays a HUGE part in the way the image is perceived. All colors in the examples are from the Single Stone palette.

In the first set of examples the stark black and white and the use of fuchsia give this image a very modern look. Also, very hot right now - I am definitely a fan! It's a great example of what color can do!

Next with the very neutral, monochromatic color choices the image takes on a traditional more reserved kind of feel. Very typical use of an image like this. The block on the left is brown and cream-the block on the right is light brown and brown.

Then there is the balance between the two choices. These colors are bold and have contrast yet they still feel warm and still pack enough punch to get noticed. Colors: Block on left - Cream and Burgundy - Block on right - Ochre and Black.

I have also taken my color palette and worked up some color combinations with it. Below is a chart which is not ALL the combinations that can be made with the colors we have but it will hopefully get the ball rolling on making color choices. And how the vinyl color will coordinate with other colors you already have in your homes.
Hope you all had a great weekend!

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